HARVESTMENT (2015) / TRAILER from Robyn Woolston on Vimeo.


Harvestment (2015) is a 16min film produced as part of the Harvest Commission with Metal (Peterborough) & Studio Orta (Paris)




'Robyn has created a powerful short film telling stories from across the world that act as mirror and microcosm for our relationship to the land in the 21st century.

Collectively the vignettes raise fundamental questions about how we use and shape our natural environment to our own ends, constructing and destroying, manipulating and managing for profit and gain.

There is also real beauty here, and a genuine respect for the workers who toil on production lines to meet consumer demands or clean up our mess.

The cycles of life and death are evident, and the stark juxtapositions of wealth and poverty, celebration and despair, verdant abundance and polluted wasteland, chaos and order.

This is a beautiful and thought provoking piece.'

Mark Richards, Director, Metal (Peterborough)



The full-length film is available for films festivals and broadcast showings.