REVOLUTION (2017) from Robyn Woolston on Vimeo.


REVOLUTION (2017) is a 26min documentary commissioned by the National Festival of Making, Deco Publique, Super Slow Way and Wayne Hemingway MBE.  


Installation Statement:

Thousands of waste plastic pieces form an immersive installation which also houses a documentary film. The 1st Industrial Revolution is referenced against the context of the current 4th Industrial Revolution alongside interviews with current manufacturing staff and local historians. Historical parallels proliferate from the increased sophistication of mechanised processes to the expansion of global trade. Design, fabrication and plastic moulding processes are shown in parallel with the ebb and flow of the Leeds to Liverpool canal. Culminating in a meditation upon Lancashire-based manufacturing and its legacy.

Woolston works both nationally and internationally questioning material values within different cultural settings.



'You have completely captured the essence of the Festival of Making; the heritage, the industry, the local voices and dialect, the environment (built and natural), the soundtrack, the way you have captured it all on film.'


Claire Tymon, Placeshakers Director